Insisting on Innovation Development  

  Mining the Market Demand of Household Cleaning Product  

Engineering Innovation, Appearance Design and Branding

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Patent total 232 ,including PCT 10 and international 22 ,45-50 new patents developed each year.Speed up the developing of new products, we increased 76 new patents in the past year.We use facts to prove our strength.

R&D principles

Easy, Efficient, Simple, Cost Effective, Great Ergonomics, Safety, Quality and Style

Our goal is to make the cleaning task easy and effortless.


R&D Team

We use a combination of internal and outside design professionals. We have dedicated engineers in the areas of mould design, process engineering, packaging and certification. Testing Center

Testing Center

We have our own testing center for everything from raw materials to finished products and packaging. We custom blend materials to meet each product’s unique needs. We preform extensive testing before, during and after all production runs. A detailed database of all test results is kept.

Cooperative Partnerships

We have grown our business by partnering with all the major consumer brands around the world. They have appreciated our dedication to continuous improvement, quality control and progressive management practices.

We pride ourselves on being the best cleaning products company.