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            1.   Leading the Cleaning Products Industry  

                Thirty Years of Experience and Knowledge  

              Integrating R & D, Product Development, Efficient Manufacturing and Marketing into One Strong Team

              Innovation and R&D

              More About R&D

              We understand the need for continual product development incorporating new technology to meet market demands. We have invested heavily in R&D and innovation to make cleaning easier and a better user experience. We have over 400 patents in the industry.

              Auto-brush making machine

              Fully automated machine that does everything from bristling to labeling.

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              Injection Business to support military products


              Jackson founded with limited range of finished cleaning products, OEM started


              Developed ten subsidiaries for cleaning products, step stool and suitcase system


              Fulfillment of supply chain to achieve good quality, right cost and quick lead time


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              At Jackson Travel, we understand the importance of simple, effective cleaning tools for today’s busy consumers. Our design and engineering teams make this paramount. We have specific tools that are designed for each cleaning task, whether it is hardwood floors, bathroom shower, or window washing.

              Multi Function Flat Mop

              This flat mop is more than a mop, it’s a complete cleaning machine. It functions wet or dry as a sweeper, squeegee and mop. It allows for a quick cleaning experience.

              Disposable flat mop

              Hands free flat mop allows you to never touch the dirty fabric. Easy for wringing and getting rid of dirt. Unique pivoting allows for easy cleaning in corners and all floor spaces. Make your house clean with this wonder product.

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